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Accelerate your Plant readiness

Achieve early project completion

Avoid  delays caused by platform construction. With our solution, you can start operations immediately with our complete and high-performance equipment, protected in a durable sea container. Trust our solution to enhance the efficiency of your on-site engineer and provide a stable environment for operations.

Any delays or issues encountered by the execution phase can lead to a ripple effect on the overall project completion and commissioning process.

Miss the target schedule

Cost overruns

Reputational Damage​

Carry Overworks​

Turn key Solution Compact Mobile Testing Unit for Commissioning (EPCC)

Construction Constraint Reduction

Reduce construction constraint during integration and hook-up works completion

Early Plan Anticipation

Anticipate 80% of plan test early during the modular phase in fabrication yard​

Plant Schedule Acceleration

Accelerate your Plant testing and completion Schedule

Boosting Daily Testing

Improve Productivity & Efficiency, Increase the number of tests daily

Our Promise

COMRIGS is providing an innovative and effective solution to the challenge of commissioning delays during platform construction in the oil and gas industries

The solution Comrigs

Save /Recover

Up to 50% optimization of the completion schedule

Enhance Productivity

Efficiency & Save up to 60% commissioning resources reductio

Safer & Smoother Execution

Fit for project technical & QHSE requirements, adapted to Site conditions

Our Delivery​

Step 1

We design the System and Units Customization according to clent requirement (engineering studies, design, Procurement including special tools installation, factory testing)

Step 2

We deliver it to your designated location Easy to use, Turn Key solution concept

Step 3

We carry out the Commissioning (Base case or Optional as per Client needs)

Step 4

We collect it Easy to unplug and relocate

All Inclusive Price

In accordance with Client requirements

Pricing comrigs

Our Team

With hands on experience, track record in the industry, Our Engineers & consultants are ready to handle the challenges of your projects.​

Maximize your plant's operational readiness and gain a competitive edge by accelerating project timelines with our innovative solution

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